Arenal Canopy Tour & Hot Springs

Combine a Canopy Tour with the Hot Springs of your choice: Baldi Thermal Resort, or Ecotermales La Fortuna.

This Arenal Combo Day Tour offers you the combination of two of the main activities that visitors enjoy the most on their trip to La Fortuna/Arenal Volcano: A Canopy Tour adventure accompanied with relaxing in the local hot springs.


Immerse yourself in mother nature and enjoy the spectacular landscapes this tour will bring you to. 


The day begins with your Canopy or Zipline tour of choice. You’ll experience spectacular views of the forest and the majestic Arenal Volcano as you soar through the tree tops on the aerial cables.


After that adventure, enjoy the hot springs of your choice. Relax in the warm water that emanates directly from the geothermal veins of Arenal Volcano. Spend the afternoon in R&R mode as you recoup your energy for your next adventures.


Also, your lunch or dinner, at your preference, is included with your hot springs visit. 

Arenal Combo Day Tour to enjoy your vacation in Costa Rica: Includes Hot Springs and a Canopy Tour in the La Fortuna – Arenal Volcano Area.


  • We provide transportation from your Fortuna area hotel to the Canopy tour of your choice.
  • After ziplining, we take you directly to the hot springs of your choice. Remember you can choose lunch or dinner to enjoy there.
  • To coordinate the return to your hotel from the hot springs you can let us know ahead of time when you plan to leave or give us 30 minutes notice by Whatsapp to +506 8545 0475
  • If you have your own transportation and prefer to use that, let us know when booking to coordinate your visit to each part of your tour.
Combine Arenal Canopy Tour with Tabacon Thermal Resort, Baldi hot Springs, Paradise Hot springs, Ecotermales La Fortuna
Arenal Combo Tour: Ziplining & Hot Springs

First Part: Arenal Canopy Tour

Choose between the following options to soar through the tree tops. Enjoy the thrill of a bird’s eye view of our forests. 

Surrounded by forest, this excursion brings you to suspended platforms that let you go from tree to tree on steel cables of different lengths. Everything adheres to the highest safety standards, giving you a unique way to access these naturally scenic areas.

The canopy tour isn’t only an adrenaline rush, you’ll also learn about the flora and fauna of Costa Rica.


Option # 1

    AMA Extreme Canopy Tour 

 Option # 2

   Athica Canopy Tour & Tarzan Swing    


8:00 am

10:30 am

1:30 pm

3:00 pm

8:00 am

10:00 am

12:00 md

2:00 pm

Duration: Two and half hours One hour and 15 minutes
  • Only two kilometers (one mile) from La Fortuna.

  • Spectacular views of La Fortuna and Pino Blanco Waterfalls.

  • Visit seven of the longest and most extreme    cables in the adventure park.

  • Panoramic views of the dense forest.

  • Start off with a cart ride through the forest to the 18 meter (60 feet) tall tower where you will start your adventure on a 120-meter (393 foot) long zipline.

  • Take a walk across a hanging bridge to get to the longest cable that is 980 meters (half a mile) in length. While there, you will enjoy views of La Fortuna Waterfall and the town of La Fortuna.

  • Reach speeds of up to 70 kph (44 mph)!

  • Located 12 km (7.5) outside of town on the road up to Lake Arenal and the National Park.
  • 12 cables. Total cable distance of 3.5 km (2.1 miles).

  • Cables between 80 and 760 meters (260-2500 feet).

  • Reach speeds of up to 60 kph (37 mph)!

  • Suspended platforms an average of 38 meters (125 feet) in the air.

  • An incredible adventure excursion to enjoy while you’re surrounded by nature with panoramic views of Arenal Volcano. 

Free  Optional Extra 

After the Canopy Tour you can take a self-guided hike down to La Fortuna waterfall. Bathe in the refreshing water and take in the up-close views of the waterfall. 

Athica also offers a towering 8 meter high Tarzan Swing!  Brace yourself for the coolest jungle swing you will ever see.

Second Part:  Hot Springs

Arenal Combo Tour: Ziplining & Paradise Hot Springs
Paradise Hot Springs

Paradise Hot Springs

Paradise offers a complex of hot springs that promote relaxation and well-being through natural pools of various sizes and temperatures. 

Enjoy hydromassage, instrumental music, tropical gardens and a limited capacity to prevent crowds.

For the ultimate experience with excellent service in a calm, restful, and relaxing environment to recharge your body and mind, visit Paradise Hot Spring. The Hot Springs are naturally heated by Arenal Volcano; pure and without any added chemicals.

You can enjoy the Natural Hot Springs until 9:00 pm.

Arenal Combo Tour: Canopy and Ecotermales Fortuna
Ecotermales La Fortuna

Ecotermales La Fortuna

The thermal sources of EcoTermales Fortuna are of magmatic (volcanic) origin. Specifically emanate from magnesium hyperthermal waters of medium mineralization. The result is that visitors can enjoy water endowed with mineral-medicinal properties.


Thanks to the perfect and naturally balanced amounts of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, there are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and tension releasing effects.

Arenal Combo Tour: Canopy and Baldi Hot Springs
Baldi Thermal Resort & Spa

Baldi Hot Springs

Enjoy 25 thermal pools, spread out among the vegetation of the humid tropical forest, and fed by crystalline waterfalls; each pool allows you to enjoy different temperatures.


The purity of the water creates a therapeutic feel as you are accompanied by the songs of the birds, the babbling of the waterfalls, and an overwhelming sense of rest and relaxation to regain well-being and quality of life.

Special rate for the Combo Tour: Ziplining Tour and Hot Springs

Rate per person Taxes Included


 Arenal Combo Tour:  Canopy Tour  + Hot Springs           Adults       


from 6 - 10 YO

  • With Ecotermales La Fortuna    
$ 139 $ 95
  • With Paradise Hot Springs
$ 129 $ 99
  • With Baldi Hot Springs
$ 119 $ 95

Cancellation Policies:

  • Cancellation must be made a full 48 hours prior to the service, otherwise a penalty of 100% will be applied
  • 95% refund if cancellation is made 48 hours or more prior to the service (5% charged to cover bank refund fees).
  • No refunds for No shows.

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