Canopy Tour and Arenal Hanging Bridges Hike

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Part I: Athica Canopy Tour & Tarzan Swing

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The Athica Canopy Tour is located inside the Arenal Conservation Area in Costa Rica; it is an ideal location for visitors who want to experience adventure and an incredible immersion into nature while enjoying spectacular panoramic views.

While you enjoy your Canopy Tour (or zip lining as it’s commonly known) flying through the tree tops, you won’t only enjoy a great adventure, you’ll also get a unique view of wild life in its natural habitat. This tour is suitable for children from ages 4 and up.

The excursion begins with a warm welcome and a brief safety overview; during the safety overview you will be given your equipment and learn about how it works from bilingual guides who have been certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. You can be sure that your guides are completely equipped both to keep you safe and to educate you on the abundant flora and fauna of this beautiful country.

Enjoy this exciting adventure of nearly 3 km (about 1.8 miles) of soaring through the air along ten cables of top quality stainless steel. Starting at a 13 meter tall (about 40 feet) tower you will travel along cables ranging from 80 to 750 meters in length with an average height of 38 meters (about 120 ft.) off the ground! You’ll reach top speeds of 60 km/h (35 mph)!


Also Included: The Tarzan Swing


Five of the platforms are constructed in extraordinarily old and large trees. These platforms have been strategically placed at different altitudes so that you can enjoy the scenery from different angles and photograph the impressive views. 

Combo:  Canopy Tour & Arenal Hanging Bridges
Arenal Volcano View
Combo:  Canopy Tour & Arenal Hanging Bridges
Athica Canopy Tour
Combo:  Canopy Tour & Arenal Hanging Bridges
Tarzan Swing

Combo Part II - Mistico Park: Arenal Hanging Bridges Hike

Mistico Park
Arenal Hanging bridges Hike
Combo:  Canopy Tour & Arenal Hanging Bridges
Arenal Mistico Park
Combo Canopy & Hanging bridges in Arenal
Combo Canopy & Hanging bridges in Arenal

Hiking at the Arenal Hanging Bridges is located on a 250 hectare nature reserve of tropical rainforest and only 30 minutes from the center of La Fortuna. The reserve is right in front of Arenal Volcano and nearby to the principal hotels in the area.


During the hike at Arenal Hanging Bridges you’ll have grandiose scenic views as you hike along a combination of suspended bridges and trails. 


Mistico Park or The Arenal Hanging Bridges project consists of eight (8) fixed bridges, ranging in length between 8 and 22 meters, and six (6) hanging bridges, built with the latest techniques and designed with an eye for both beauty and safety. The hanging bridges are between 48 and 98 meters long. All the bridges are made of galvanized steel and high-strength aluminum. The safety mesh and the suspension cables are all galvanized steel.


All the trails are designed to accommodate hikers of all abilities and cover a total distance of 3100 meters (about 2 miles) through mountainous terrain. 


Arenal Hanging Bridges Main Trail

They have No steps.

Length 2 miles.

Maximum slope 8% in lower, 6% rise.

Medium effort grade.

Tour duration: 2.5 hours with guide:

Visit 16 bridges, tunnel and a beautiful Waterfall



Lunch at  El Comalito Tortillería Restaurante or The Green Spoon Restaurant


Back to your hotel around  2:30 pm 

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