One Day Excursion: La Fortuna Waterfall on Horseback + Arenal Canopy Tour

Two activities in one day combo tour for your vacation to Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna.

La Fortuna Waterfall on Horseback and Canopy Tour (aka ziplining): two of the most popular tourist attractions for visitors to the area that we offer in combo to enjoy both in just one day!



While you enjoy views of the near perfect conical shape of Arenal Volcano you can enjoy a great variety of adventure packed activities in the natural beauty that the Arenal area is known for. With so much to see and do we invite you to take advantage of this combo tour at a super special price! You’ll not only save money, but have a well-planned vacation too.

Horseback Riding to the La Fortuna Waterfall

Your vacation to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano area wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the La Fortuna Waterfall. The waterfall is beautifully scenic and only 3 miles (5 km) from the center of La Fortuna.


This tour creates a perfect combination of adventure and nature as you spend an hour surrounded by the sounds and sights of the forest. As you go deeper and deeper into the center of the forest you will eventually leave your horse for a hike of about twenty minutes descending down towards the base of the waterfall. The reward for your labors will be spectacular views of the almost 200 foot (60 m) tall La Fortuna waterfall.


With its cold and clear waters you won’t want to forget your camera to capture some stunning photos to remember your trip by! You also will get to take a dip in the pool at the base of the falls to cool off if you would like.

After that refreshing dip in the water and enjoying the natural beauty of the waterfall you’ll return back up the trail and mount anew on your horse for another hour of horseback riding.


Departure Time: 7:45 am

This varies according with how far your hotel is located from the center of La Fortuna.


Duration:            Approximately 4 hours


Includes:              Transportation from your hotel in the La Fortuna area. Entrance to the Ecological Park. Bottled Water. Guide.

Horseback riding to La Fortuna Waterfall + Canopy Tour
La Fortuna Waterfall
Horseback riding to La Fortuna Waterfall + Canopy Tour
Horseback Riding to La Fortuna Waterfall

Soda & Tortillería El Comalito or The Green Spoon Restaurant
Delicious Costa Rica Lunch Included

At the end of this first part of the combo tour we will take you to the El Comalito Soda & Tortillería (Restaurant) or The Green Spoon Restaurant;  there you will enjoy a delicious typical Costa Rican lunch.

Vegan & Vegetarian options availables.

After that filling lunch you will continue with the second part of this combo. 

Horseback riding to La Fortuna Waterfall + Canopy Tour
Canopy Vista Arenal & Tarzan Swing
Horseback riding to La Fortuna Waterfall + Canopy Tour
Athica Canopy Tour & Tarzan Swing
Horseback riding to La Fortuna Waterfall + Canopy Tour
Arenal Volcano view - Athica Canopy Tour

 Regular price

$ 150 + 13% IVA = $ 169.50


Special rate

per/ person


$ 135 + 13% IVA = $ 152.55


Arenal Canopy Tour or Ziplining

Costa Rica is a country blessed with luscious forests and beautiful mountains. Costa Rica dedicates a greater percentage of land to conservation than any country in the world. The La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano area is no exception; you can soar through the tree tops in a Canopy Tour (or as it’s often called ziplining).


For this part of the combo tour you can choose between two different tour options:


Athica Canopy Tour & Tarzan Swing:

·         Spectacular views of Arenal Volcano

·         8 cables totaling 3 km (1.8 miles) in length.

·        Tarzan Swing (Optional)

·         Cables of lengths between 80 up to 760 meters.

·         Top speeds of 60 km/h (36 mph).



Los Cañones Canopy Tour & Los Lagos Hot Springs 

  • Spectacular view of Arenal Volcano.
  • Start off with a safety walk-through with a learner’s cable where you will learn the techniques of ziplining and how to be safe
  • Platforms anchored up in the trees.
  • During the tour you will zipline at altitudes between 20 and 60 meters (70 to 190 feet)
  • 15 cables in total . The tour totals 3 km of cables.
  • The cables reach lengths between 50 and 500 meters with varying heights and speeds. 
  • After concluding your Los Cañones Canopy Tour you can enjoy the amenities at the Los Lagos (the lakes) Hotel. They have five thermal pools, two large swimming pools, three toboggan slides (65, 15, and 10 meters), a reptile habitat with crocodiles and caimans, a butterfly house, an ant farm of leaf-cutter ants, and trails to hike to a lookout with views of Arenal Volcano. All this is included at no extra cost.


After your canopy tour finishes we will take you back to your hotel. 

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