Arenal Combo Tour: Chocolate Tour and White Water Rafting (Class II & III)

During your vacation in La Fortuna and the Arenal area you can live these two grand experiences. They’re very different adventures that combine into a perfect day.

The first part of the combo tour is riding down class II & III rapids followed by the ‘dessert’ of a Chocolate tour. 

Class II & III Rapids

The first part of this fun excursion is in the rapids of the Sarapiquí River.

Combo: Rafting & Chocolate tour
Rafting Class II & III

The tour begins when we pick you up at your hotel around 8:30 am (the exact time will depend on the distance from La Fortuna that your hotel is located). The trip to the river is about 1.5 hours through farmland growing the crops of the region like pineapple, papaya, and cassava all while Arenal Volcano gradually shrinks on the horizon behind you. 

Upon arrival to the river our expert guide will lead a safety lecture to ensure everyone is ready to get in the water and enjoy the excitement of riding through rapids surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty.


With the rainforest as your scenery you’ll travel about 10 miles (14 km) filled with unforgettable adventures and natural beauty that will thrill your senses. During the journey it’s possible to observe animals like monkeys, sloths, birds, and reptiles.

The trip takes between two to three hours, depending on the water level in the river that day; the water level dictates the speed the river flows and thus the speed we can travel.

This journey in the Sarapiquí River offers some of the best rafting experiences in Costa Rica with big waves and a strong, continuous current.


Halfway through the trip we make a stop to recharge your energy with fresh fruit. After this wonderful adventure a well-deserved and filling typical Costa Rian lunch awaits. 

Chocolate Excursion

After your rafting tour and a hearty lunch we will take you to the Don Olivo Farm, located about 15 minutes from the center of La Fortuna.

Here you will enjoy a delicious experience beginning with a stroll along flat paths (an easy hike for all ages) through the plantation of Cacao trees. The Cacao tree is known as a “Gift from God” for the unmatched flavor that it produces. You’ll learn about the process of planting and growing Cacao as well as taste the fruit in its natural, unprocessed state.

Don Olivo Farm has around 40 different species of fruit trees and you can enjoy the fruits that are in season during your tour. They also have a collection of medicinal plants for you to learn all about.

Sugar cane is another delicious product that you will get to try on this excursion--after you extract its juice in the typical artisanal style. 

Combo: Chocolate Tour & Rafting 2 - 3
Chocolate Tour


Everything that is produced at the Don Olivo Farm is organic. There are no added flavors, preserving the delicious natural flavor for you to try.

The full process that starts with a seed and ends with preparing and eating your chocolate will be explained by a bilingual naturalist guide. You’ll also get to discover the secrets of the Cacao plant and learn about the role it plays in Costa Rican culture.

During the approximately two hour tour you’ll get to help collect cacao seeds, see the process of drying and grinding the seeds, and how to prepare a typical Costa Rican beverage from your harvest. Finally you’ll get to taste some delicious organic chocolate that you prepare yourself. 

Normal Price:

$125 per person


 Special Price per person for the Combo Rafting & Chocolate tour:

$ 90 + 13% IVA = $ 101.70

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